lørdag den 11. juli 2015

"Jeg er Camino-syg"

Man kan have hjemve, men kan man også have Caminove. Det mener denne portugisiske pilgrim, der på en engelsk hjemmeside satte en udveksling af ord, der kunne beskrive længslen efter caminoen i gang.
Her et par eksempler:

There is a word in Portuguese called "saudade". It means when you, for example, want to see an old friend, your daughter, a girlfriend, a place or even a party. There is no word and other languages so embracing like this.

In English, the nearest you get is the word "missing". When I lived in Brghton/UK, they used to say I was "home sick" when I was talking about "saudade" and home.

Nowadays I'm "camino sick". How I miss the time I had there.

I had a plan to go back this year with my old man to walk from Sarria to SDC, but we didn't manage to go. Who knows next year.

Buen camino everyone!

Og her to af svarene. det ene som et Walisisk digt.

Hello , I like the word " Camino Sick " . My wife did the Camino Franches in 2013 , last year we did Saria to Finesterre and this year I walked the Camino Franches and next year we are walking the Camino Portugese .
I think this means that we are Camino sick , wish you well and a Buen Camino , Peter .

Jeg kender ikke forfatteren til nedenstående "hjemvesdigt"

Hiraeth beckons with wordless call,
 Hear, my soul, with heart enthrall'd.
 Hiraeth whispers while earth I roam;
 Here I wait the call "come home."

 Like seagull cry, like sea borne wind,
 That speak with words beyond my ken,
 A longing deep with words unsaid,
 Calls a wanderer home instead.

 I heed your call, Hiraeth, I come
 On westward path to hearth and home.
 My path leads on to western shore,
 My heart tells me there is yet more.

 Within my ears the sea air sighs;
 The sunset glow, it fills my eyes.
 I stand at edge of sea and earth,
 My bare feet washed in gentle surf.

 Hiraeth's longing to call me on,
 Here, on shore, in setting sun.
 Hiraeth calls past sunset fire,

 "Look beyond, come far higher!"

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