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Bøn for den forsvundne pilgrim

Veteran pilgrim opfordrer til, at alle pilgrimme beder for Denise Thiem på Sankt Jakobsdag.
Det er mere end 3 måneder siden, at en 41 årig amerikansk pilgrim sidst gav livstegn fra sig i Astorga, ca 258 km. før  Santiago.
Her først opfordrringen til fælles bøn, den 25.juli, dernæst den efterlysning, som hendes broder har sendt ud over alt på nettet.

Three months ago Denise Thiem went missing while hiking the El Camino. She was last seen in Astorga. Pilgrims often lose touch with friends and family whilst on the Camino but Denise has disappeared without a trace, hasn’t used her credit cards, withdrawn money or emailed her family since then. Many people feel helpless and don’t know how to help the family who are still searching for Denise.
The St James Feast day celebrations will be held in Santiago and around the world on 25th July. Let’s pray for Denise and her family at mid-day on that day when the special pilgrim mass will be held in Santiago cathedral. Please share this appeal on Camino Forums, Saint James confraternities and our personal pages.

(veteranpilgrim i pilgrimsfora på nettet)

Og her efterlysningen ( på amerikansk nævnes måneden først, derefter datoen):

My sisters name is Denise Thiem, she's a Chinese American woman. Also known as Arizona
The reasons I'm worried is because I haven't communicated with her since the 4/1. I checked her email accounts and 4/4 was time she done anything and 4/6 when she last had any bank account activities.
I've been talking to someone that last saw her in Manila de las Mulas (just before Leon) on 3/31
Last email sent (4/4) She was in Astorga and heading for El Ganso the next day.
She asked around and no one has seen her since Astorga.
I've communicated with the US Embassy in Madrid, a fellow peregrino talked to the police in Santiago, another checked the hospitals in Leon.

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