torsdag den 23. juli 2015

Ikke helt almindelige pilgrimsråd !!

Denne engelsktalende pilgrim, der kalder sig Peregrino Falcon, giver her sit bud på det, som han mener, der er de vigtigste fem råd til en pilgrimsvandrer. Jeg vil lade dem stå på originalsproget - uden kommentater:

What are the top five things you wish you'd known, or advice you wish you'd been given, thinking about it in retrospect after completing the walk from SJPP to Finisterra? Here's mine:

 1) Take your best packed bag and reduce the weight by another 25%

 2) Use hiking poles, even if you're young and think you're invulnerable, (to save your knees).

 3) Bring something to eat on the Day 1 hike over the Pyrenees.

 4) Some albergues close at 10pm and if you miss curfew, you sleep on the street.

 5) Realize that it may rain more often than not for a week or more on end in Galicia.