mandag den 29. juni 2015

Lovprisning af Camino Portugues

Irske Philip er for kort siden vendt hjem efter små to uger på Caminoen fra Porto til Santiago. Her hans lovprisninger af turen, som ikke behøver nogen oversættelse. (CF står for Camino Frances/ Den franske Rute fra Saint Jean Pied de Port til Santiago.)

Just back from Porto/Santiago. Just a few thoughts .Beautiful country,wonderful,kind,helpful people. Not as busy as C.F. but met pilgrims from so many nations. Should have taken costal route out of Porto, and would advise any other pilgrims to do same. If I had known Portugal is the "Kingdom of the cobblestones" I would have returned to the C.F. My poor old feet took a terrible pounding from the cobbles,they were everywhere. On thelus side the people were wonderful. Due to lack of concentration I realised at one point I was hopelessly lost. I met a lady and with my limited phraseology tried to ask for directions. She tried to point me in the right direction,but after a few left and right waves of her hands she realised she was dealing with an idiot,and instead waved me to follow her. It took her more than ten minuets of brisk walking to reach a yellow arrow where she felt safe to leave me. She smiled,said Bom Camhino and went all the way back to her life. How can one begin to explain such kindness ,or adequately express ones gratitude. Was I naive to expect the same feelings of spirituality and emotion on this Camino that I felt on my others?I did not get the same "buzz" if that is not too terrible a word to use,and I felt it was more a "walk" than a Camino. I am looking forward to doing the C.F.again when I reach 70, God Willing, and I say to all those I met this year,Thank you for your company,your kindness and your help when needed,and may your God guide your future footsteps and keep you safe untill we meet again.

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