lørdag den 7. november 2015

"Jeg savner Caminoen"

En yngre græsk kvinde, der har gået tre af jakobsvejene, beskriver her i få linier, hvordan hun savner "the Way".
In two years I walked the French way,the north way and the primitivo.....the way is inside me and every day I miss the way even more......can't stop thinking of the moment that I will be on the way again......and I know that the way is always with us but.....when u are walking the way the feeling is magical!
I am from Greece and today it was the first day that I did a 4 hour trail up the mountains.....every step that I took I was thinking of the way....I don't know if we create the great idea of the way but I know for sure that whoever has walked the way understands the beauty and the strength of the way.......
Just wanted to share some thoughts!
Buen camino to everyone!!!!

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