lørdag den 3. juni 2017

Hvorfor gik jeg den Camino ?

I Pilgrimscentret ( Pilgrimskontoret) i Santiago er der over sommeren engelsksprogede tilbud om meditation og bøn for pilgrimme, der er kommet i mål: "Hvad var "ideen" med alle de anstrengelser?"
Her det engelsksprogede opslag med tilbudet til de pilgrimme, som efter veloverstået pilgrimsfærd har en eller flere dage i Santiago.
Camino Companions offers pilgrims an opportunity to reflect on their Camino and discover what it meant at a deeper level. Group and individual sessions are held at 10.00 and 2.30 and an extra session is offered at 5,00 in June and September. Individual sessions may also be booked privately by contacting caminocompanions@gmail.com
We listen to each one's experience and provide a holding space between the special experience of the Camino and the reality of returning home.
Camino Companions also facilitate a reflective morning prayer at 9.30; 11.00 and 11.30 in the Chapel at the Pilgrims Office. Pilgrims are invited to sit quietly and with the help of a Powerpoint reflection, they can savour again the wonders of their Camino!

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