mandag den 12. juni 2017

Amerikansk pilgrimsdigt ano 2017

Denne unavngivne amerikaners bevæggrunde for at gå til Santiago, har jeg fundet på
They say to know before you go,
But why must we know at all?
What’s wrong with going without our knowing?
What harm might us befall?

I’ve done some tripping, know equipping,
I’m ready for some surprises.
My practice hikes have earned some “Likes.”
I’ll handle what trouble arises.

Ol’ Brownie said, “There’s naught to dread,
You know the trip’s the thing!”
It’s not arriving, it’s the striving
That makes a pilgrim a king!

Silence is golden, if not beholden
To entertain a buddy.
Speech is good, too, but let us not rue
The time to write poems and study.

Being alone without an iPhone
Was common in summers before,
And having a friend whose ear I could bend
Is something I’ll never deplore!

An experienced guide I’ll have by my side,
A friend from of old back in school.
Together we’ll start, but we may be apart,
For he’s taller than me, and that’s cool!

But together we’ll enter Santiago’s old center.
Together we’ll earn Compostela.
After 500 miles, so tired, all smiles,
We’ll be ready to write our novella!

But why do I go? For religion, you know,
But not superstition, not me.
I’m not at a loss, and there’s no albatross
From which I so need to be free.

I go for the trip, for the joy of friendship,
In Mallory’s words: “It is there!”
’Cause something is calling; I find it enthralling;
And my spirit out there I can bare!

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