søndag den 22. maj 2016

"Glæd dig over Caminoen, som den er !"

Amerikanske Viranani er netop vendt hjem til USA efter nok en tur på Camino Frances og skriver om sine oplevelser på en engelsksproget hjemmeside. Hun forstår ikke den megen snak om en overfyldt Camino, "Turtist-pilgrimme", og hvad der ellers bliver skrevet på nettet i disse uger, hvor det nok en gang er pilgrimshøjsæson med hundredevis af pilgrimme på hver etape dagligt. Hvilket har givet fyldte herberger og en fornemmelse af pilgrimme alle steder.
Caminoen er IKKE det samme, som den var en gang. Og hvad så: Vi ønsker alle at få del den magi, den ånd som Caminoen tilbyder os. Og alle har ret til det.
Herunder indlægget:
I've returned from my camino and back into cyber-space to find some buzz here about crowds, bed races, disappointment, and about how the Camino being turned into a 'tourist trap'...
This may be stirring up a hornet's nest but here goes.
And so what if it does become a tourist trap?
I grew up in Hawai'i, the ultimate 'tourist trap'--and while paradise did get paved and turned into a parking lot, the heart is still there. Even though Waikiki is no longer a sleepy low-rise backwater and tourists arrive by the 747-full.
Same with the Camino. No, of course it's not the same as before...on the surface...but amid the crowds, lots of folks are having wonderful experiences. Right now. Even 'oldies' who knew it as it once was when there were almost no people. And certainly some folks who start as 'tourists' leave having received deep heart-gifts. It's more about attitude than about anything else.
So what are we wanting--and what are the attitudes and expectations that we bring to the journey?
Of course it'd be great to keep the Camino like it was before, but I hope we can find the generosity of spirit to share it with the world. No-one likes bed races and crowds. Naturally. But like it or not we're all in the same boat and all part of that crowd. Everyone, like us, wants to touch the magic that the Camino offers. And everyone is entitled to their share of that.
And right now the world needs that magic. Fortunately it's not far beneath the surface.
Meanwhile, there are many very empty caminos that offer ample opportunity to be alone, get lost, find solitude, and generally walk like we could in the 'good old days' (whenever that was--last year or 2 decades ago).
Buen Camino everyone...may we find a way to navigate through the pilgrim waves and to deeply connect with the magic and mystery that's (still and always) right there beneath our feet, crowds or no crowds--infinitely shareable!

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