onsdag den 11. maj 2016

Camino Portugues i meget små etaper !

Det er sjældent, at nogen på nettet "reklamere" med at de kun går nogle få timer hver dag og gør brug af offentlig transport. Her et amerikansk par, der her i foråret har taget turen fra Fatima i Portugal til lidt nord for Porto, og som agter at tage den sidste del af Camino Portugues til september.
De har lavet denne beskrivelse af deres "små-etaper"s tur, hvor det en enkelt dag blev til 24 km, men ellers langt mindre:

Day 1. Bus from Porto to Fatima. 0930-1130. €17. Day in Fatima
Bus Fatima to Tomar. 1500-1600. €4
Stayed at Conde de Ferreira Palace €35 for a room and €5 per person for breakfast. Recommended.
Evening meal at a Medieval restaurant in town. Pricey but do a Pilgrims menu (soup, meat dish and fruit) for €5

Day 2. Walk to Portela de Vila Verde. Turn left to N110 where there is a cafe
Bus to Tomar @ 1520. €2.45. 9.5 miles

Day 2. Bus back to Calcadas Ceras 1030. Walk to Portela de Vila Verde (approx 200m)
Walk to Alvaiazere. 10 miles
No cafes
Stay at Albergaria Pinheiro. €10 + €2.50 for breakfast

Day 3. Walk to Ansiao. 9 miles
No cafes
Stayed at Residencial Adega Tipica
€30 for a nice double room. Lovely Pilgrims menu for €10 on the evening
Didn't have breakfast as it was €5 and not until 0900

Day 4. Walk to Rabacal. 11 miles
Stayed at Casa de Turismo. €60 for a room for 4. Cold, poor internet but decent kitchen and shop opposite.
Lovely local cheese

Day 5. Walk to Cernache. 11 miles
Albergue. €8. Phone number on door to obtain code for front door
Decent kitchen, tumble dryer, living room, 3 rooms sleeping 4 or 6.

Day 6. Walk to Coimbra. 7 miles
Stayed at Hostel Serenata which was lovely but at the top of a steep hill
Larbelo would have been easier

Day 7. Short walk to Ademia. 4. miles
Lovely Menu del Dia at Bodega do Lette. €7
Train back to Coimbra to spend time there. 1436 €1.40

Day 8. Train to Ademia. 1005
Walk to Mealhada. 12.5 miles
Residential Hilarao. €12

Day 9. Walk to Agueda. 16 miles
Was going to stop at Anadia but that would have been a bit too short!
Tried hotels but they were uncooperative so walked a mile or so out of town to Albergue St Antonio. €12
This was superb. Great kitchen, living room, wifi, etc. Breakfast was €2.50. Lidl 300m away

Day 10. Walk to Albergaria a Velha. 9.2 miles
Stay at Albergue Rainha D Teresa. Open at 1400. €8
Very friendly staff. Good facilities

Day 11. Walk to Oliveira de Azemeis. 13 miles
Stayed at what seemed to be the only hotel in town - Dighton. €55 for the double room but luxurious and great breakfast
Had a memorable meal at a very Portuguese restaurant about 50m away opposite the bus station. Very cheap/good value

Day 12. Walk to Sao Joao da Madeira. 6 miles
Stayed at Hotel A S Sao Joao. €31 per room with decent breakfast

Day 13. Walk to Grijo. 12 miles
Stayed at Albergue. €5. Key at garage next door. 5 rooms sleeping 14. Basic but all you need
The restaurant next door is shut on a Sunday and Monday so we went to a shop 100m away (towards Porto, turn left at cross) and cooked a simple meal

Day 14. Walk to Porto. 9.5 miles
Stayed at Hotel Du Norte. €42. Very pleasant and great location

Day 15. Walk to Matosinhos. 8 miles
We gained a day so decided to carry on. We stayed by the coast and it was a beautiful walk, well worth doing
Had a nice meal near the market/Metro stop in Matosinhos (€7.85 for 2 with wine!) then got the Metro back to Porto (€1.85)

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